Social and Cultural needs

Canada is a multi-cultural country. Wherever you are visiting in Canada, there will most likely be people from your country who have chosen Canada as their home. There are many social and cultural venues that have been established in our local communities that international students can attend to make their stay here in Canada more enjoyable while they are completing their program of study.

Students who are having difficulty finding places to meet their social and cultural needs can speak to their Instructor or CFC Management at any time. CFC staff is more than willing to assist students to help them integrate into Canadian society or to assist them to find a place to socialize with people from their own culture.

Housing and Transportation

The Calgary Flying Club does not have onsite student accommodation or transportation. There is no public transportation to the Springbank Airport, where we are located. We recommend that our international students acquire an international driver’s licence and purchase a vehicle. CFC staff is available to answer any questions you may have and we assist our students in finding accommodation and or transportation.

There are rental websites available that list rentals in Calgary. One of the websites is We advise that you arrange for accommodation prior to your arrival but our staff is always available to assist you in finding suitable accommodation.

Although there is no public transportation to the Springbank Airport, the city of Calgary do have public transportation. You can access bus and train routes via the following website

Another interesting option here in Calgary is a Car 2 Go. Read more about this option here:

With this car you can drive out to Springbank or any surrounding area that does not have public transportation.

Health Insurance Policy

Students are strongly recommended to obtain some form of Health Insurance during their stay here in Canada. We suggest that students arrange for Health Insurance directly. Here is a link regarding Alberta Health Care. Please review the section under Foreign Students to find out if you qualify for AHCIP.

English Language Requirement

Pilot Licensing now requires all students to be able to pass an English Language test at the ICAO proficiency level 4. To see an outline of what the requirements are for this level please visit the web site shown below.

Course Start Dates

Flight training is provided on a One-to-One basis with the exception of ground school. Our professional ground schools run continuously throughout the year. As a result you may arrive anytime to start your flight training. Upon your arrival you will be assigned an instructor and be flying right away. When the next ground school begins, which will usually be in the space of approximately 2-4 weeks depending on the timing of your arrival, you will be placed on the enrollment list.

Career Paths in Aviation

Upon graduation from most professional flight training courses you will have just over 200 flight hours of experience. In most countries, this amount of flight time is insufficient to obtain a flying position with an airline. The path to the airlines differs depending on what country you are from. Students from China go home, convert their Canadian licenses and then complete some extensive simulator training on the A320 or Boeing 737 and then begin to work for an airline. In Canada pilots require 3,000-5,000 hours before being hired by one of the major airlines. Therefore upon graduation most students obtain an instructor rating and teach others to fly for 1-2 years before moving on to charter companies. They will work for a charter company for another few years before gaining enough flight experience to be hired by an airline.

Student Complaint and Dispute Resolution Process

We have the following complaint and dispute resolution processes in place:

1. The student will notify the CEO in writing of the situation at hand.

2. The written submission will be dated and reviewed, no later than 3 days after it was submitted.

3. If the CEO has not acknowledged the written submission within 3 days, the student will be awarded his dispute.

4. The CEO will meet with the student and another non biased individual and resolve any issue at large.

5. Written notification along with notes from the meeting will be delivered to the student.

The CEO will keep a copy of the meeting notes on the student’s file for 1 year.

Tuition fee payment and Program refund policy

An acceptance letter to our school is issued once the first 10% of the tuition fee is paid.Tuition fee of tuition received is non refundable. On pre-paid programs our institution will refund tuition for any training not yet received. Program refunds will be calculated on a usage formula. For example: If pre-paid to 25 hours and the student stops training at 15 hours, 10 hours will be refunded to the student with no cancellation fees.