May 2016

First Solo – Joe Gocal


  Joe Gocal went solo on Saturday, May 14 in GQCU. Instructor Shahab Seyedi. Congratulations Joe!

First Solo – Joe Gocal2018-04-03T09:21:20+00:00

First Solo – Timothy Tan


  Timothy Tan went solo in KMH on March 31 and his instructor is Colin Van Es.  Congratulations Timothy!

First Solo – Timothy Tan2018-04-03T09:21:21+00:00

First Solo – Parmvir Sandhu


  Parmvir Sandhu went solo in KMH on April 30 and his instructor is John Kushnir.  Congratulations Parmvir!

First Solo – Parmvir Sandhu2018-04-03T09:21:21+00:00

First Solo – Tarek Nakad


  Tarek Nakad went solo on May 1st in KMH and his instructor is Bryan Backman.  Congratulations Tarek!

First Solo – Tarek Nakad2018-04-03T09:21:21+00:00

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