International students are welcome at our school, however you must first obtain your student visa.  All information and forms for obtaining your visa are at the Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Student Page.
Designate Learning Institute (DLI) number: O116455095420

At the Calgary Flying Club we work with our International Students to ensure that your needs and requirements are met. You can start flying as soon as you arrive. We have our own fleet of aircraft and we have instructors on staff. The Calgary Flying Club is open 7 days a week. We are only closed on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Our International Students are full time. As a full time student your flight training schedule will be similar to other Post Secondary education institutions. Your flight training schedule may be 5 days a week, 8 hours a day.

This will consist of studying, flying and Ground Instruction. The timeframe to complete the following training using the above full time schedule as your guide is 14 to 18 months:

All the courses below are approved programs to admit International Students under the Alberta Private Career College Legislation. The programs below are Designated Learning Programs and are eligible to receive foreign nationals on a study permit.

  • Private Pilot’s License

  • Commercial Pilot’s License

  • Multi Engine Rating

  • Multi Engine Instrument Rating

  • Night Rating

  • Instructor Rating

If you are interested to train with us, please complete our Application Form. Once you have been accepted at the Calgary Flying Club a CFC representative will contact you to confirm the programs you would like to complete, your estimated arrival date and how long you will be training with us. You will also need to complete an Application to Study in Canada as per Citizenship and Immigration Canada. We require a deposit of $2,500 in order to secure your place. This deposit will be applied to your student account as a pre-payment and will be applied towards the cost of your flight training.

The Calgary Flying Club does not have onsite student accommodation or transportation. There is no public transportation to the Springbank Airport, where we are located. We recommend that our international students acquire an international driver’s licence and purchase a vehicle. CFC staff is available to answer any questions you may have and we assist our students in finding accommodation and or transportation.

Upon arrival in Canada at the Calgary International Airport you will be greeted by a CFC representative. The representative will then accompany you to your pre-arranged accommodation. Our staff is always available to assist our students with information regarding grocery stores, accessing public transport and anything else you may require help with, to enable you to commence your studies as soon as possible.

To obtain your student visa for pilot training, the Canadian government checks that you have enough funding for the following items:

  • Complete your training
  • Accomodations
  • Living expenses
  • Transport to and from school
  • Pay for a return ticket home

The Canadian government will also want to know that you will be returning home after your training.  They need some proof that you will be going home, such as:

  • Family
  • Job waiting for you
  • Expenses (home, car, etc…)

Once you have your student visa, we will set a time with you to talk about licensing, rating, and a time-line in which you want to finish your training.  At the same time we will get you registered and set you up with an instructor and schedule you in for sessions.

Here are links to our various licensing syllabuses:


Calgary Flying Club Policies and Information for New Students

Admission Requirements for International Students

All Program Admission Requirements:

  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Valid Category 1 aviation medical
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Proven English Proficiency in accordance with ICAO Level 4 (Operational English) or IELTS 5
  • Valid passport and credit card
  • Successful personal interview

Despite our English Proficiency admission requirements, some students struggle with aviation operational English. Such students are referred to SAIT for remedial ESL training and further testing. See before solo flight can be authorized.

Language Requirements for International Students

  • All courses taught at Calgary Flying Club will be conducted in English and in accordance with International Civil Aviation Organization. All students must demonstrate speaking and listening comprehension in English.
  • Proven English Proficiency in accordance with ICAO Level 4 (Operational English) or IELTS 5 before any student will be admitted to our flight training unit.

All course completions are in accordance with Transport Canada written and flight test standards.

Transport Canada pilot licenses are internationally recognized. Each license to be issued requires passing a Transport Canada written examination, flight test by a Transport Canada examiner and certified flight training records that show minimum experience requirements are met.

Academic support and career counseling.

Each student has a Flight Instructor that gives one-on-one training. Students receive support from Chief Flight Instructor, Instructors and Management.

Studies are structured to individual development and progress. Progress is monitored through a Pilot Training Record (PTR) written after each lesson. Instructors and Students have access to this record.

Pilot Training Records are maintained for each flight to demonstrate progress against the established syllabus for each program. During ground school orientation for each program Transport Canada licensing requirements and licensing standards are provided to each student so expectations are clear.

Progress against the approved syllabus is recorded in the Pilot Training Record (PTR) also required by Transport Canada and submitted to Transport Canada with any license application. The student may review their PTR at any time to understand progress against the Syllabus and training standards.  In the event that a student cannot meet the objective of the syllabus he/she is referred to the Chief Flight Instructor for counselling. Poor progress will receive remedial training, counselling from senior staff and after appropriate escalation / probation training may be terminated by the Chief Flight Instructor and any remaining funds on account will be returned to the student.

Complaint and dispute resolution

Students that have a complaint are referred to Senior Instructors, then to the Chief Flight Instructor. If the complaint is not resolved the student is referred to the CEO where a final decision is made.

Complaints regarding written tests and flight tests can be made directly with Transport Canada.

Our tuition fee policy for all our training programs is ‘pay as you go’.

All students are charged and pay for each individual lesson on the day of training.

Any account balance is refunded to the student upon completion of training or suspension of training.

Calgary Flying Club will pay out refunds to the same individual or organization where funds originated.

Approximate costs

Cessna 172
Solo rental = $166 p/h
Dual = $166 + Instructor $60 = $226 p/h

Students who have a 12 month Study Permit, valid for an Alberta educational institution, and who will reside in Alberta for 12 months can apply for Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan.

Students who are not eligible for the Alberta Health Care Insurance are strongly encouraged to purchase a private healthcare plan.

Refer to the government website for more information:

All students have access to our club facilities with ground school classroom, individual study rooms / briefing / de-briefing rooms and social areas. We have two lounge areas, a deck area for summer barbeque and cafeteria. We have monthly social events that are open to all students / members.

Student Services / Orientation

We meet international students at the airport and provide transportation to arranged accommodation. Then provide orientation at our Springbank Airport facility when they arrive. When they start Ground School they are also given an orientation of facilities and flight training. Each student is also given one-on-one attention from their own Instructor.

Each student, local or international, is treated as an individual and we respond to needs and training as they come up with each student.

Students are always welcome to study at our facilities and integrate with other students.

Flight staff and Management are always available for information about our local community. We advertise social events and all students/members are welcome to attend.

Community Support Available

We provide the following links to assist students in preparing and making the transition to living and studying in Calgary.

We understand our role as a flight training organization and we do NOT provide any immigration advice. We refer to Government of Canada websites.



The CFC can help pilots who are licensed by other countries transfer over to Canadian licensing.

FAA (USA) Licensed Pilots

Transport Canada says:

You first need to undergo a medical examination with an approved aviation medical examiner (go to file and forms we have a list of approved medical doctors). Secondly after you received your medical file number, please complete the application linked here:

Once they have received the application TC will confirm with FAA with your US Certificate and then they will proceed with the application, this can take up to 90 days. Finally as TC is preparing the certificate status you should be preparing for applicable examinations for the licensing you or rating you applied for. This is where we come into play, we can help you get comfortable with the Canadians regulations and get to Canadian standards. We also have practice exams as well you can write.

Pilots from all other countries

For pilots from a country other than the United States, the best way for you to find out what you need in order to get your conversion to Canadian license, is to speak with Transport Canada and ask them what is required. The number you can call them at is 403.292.5227. Once you have gotten an understanding of what you need to do, we will set up a time with you create a time-line to complete everything.


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