How long does it take/how much does it cost to get a Private Pilot License?

This is probably our most-asked question, but the answer is based on you.  If you have the time set aside to fly and study you could complete a license in two or three months.  The closer together your flights are, the faster your learning will progress and you’ll spend less time reviewing previous lessons.  Ideally, two or three flights per week will keep your skills sharp and it would take about six months to a year to earn a license (the average is just under one year).  Staying on top of homework and reviewing flight training exercises before each flight will ensure your training goes smoothly.

Cost is closely related to the amount of time you commit to training.  Keeping flights close together results in fewer review flights and will reduce the number of hours required to complete your training.  Transport Canada requires that private pilots complete 45 hours of flight training, but the average is closer to 60.  The average cost to complete a private pilot license is $12 – 14,000.  Check out our Rates page for more information.


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