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All our flight lessons are now scenario based to better prepare you for the real world.

Ground School

Commercial ground school started in March 2019.

Stay tuned for next dates. If you would like to be put on the Interested Students list to be notified when we get a start date and schedule ready call Dispatch at 403.288.8831.

 What To Expect

To complete your commercial license, you will have to time build to accumulate the minimum hours required (200 hours). You will need 100 hours PIC and 200 hours Total time. This makes it hard to give students set cost or timeline for CPL since everyone will be at a different place and progressing at different speeds in their training. Weather also affects how fast you can complete your training.

To help complete your CPL, Student Aid from the Government of Canada and Alberta is available. Talk to dispatch for more information.

Transport Canada Requirements for CPL

Class Schedule

Wednesdays 1800 – 2200, and Saturdays 0800 – 1200

Class Instructor Date Topic Reading Assignment
1 Bill Bulek Mar 20, 2019 Orientation & Aerodynamic & Theory of Flight TBD
2 Bill Bulek Mar 23, 2019 Aerodynamic & Theory of Flight TBD
3 Andrew Graupe Mar 27, 2019 Flight Instruments TBD
4 Andrew Graupe Mar 30, 2019 Flight Instruments TBD
5 John Mader April 3, 2019 Flight Operations TBD
6 John Mader April 6, 2019 Flight Operations TBD
7 Rod Dixon April 10, 2019 Airframes, Engines & Systems TBD
8 Rod Dixon April 17, 2019 Airframes, Engines & Systems TBD
9 Tyler Waage April 24, 2019 CARs & Licensing Requirements TBD
10 Tyler Waage April 27, 2019 CARs & Licensing Requirements TBD
11 Rhodielyn Padilla May 1, 2019 Human Factors Including Pilot Decision Making TBD
12 Rhodielyn Padilla May 4, 2019 Human Factors Including Pilot Decision Making TBD
13 Laura McAtamney May 8, 2019 Meteorology 1 TBD
14 Laura McAtamney May 11, 2019 Meteorology 2 TBD
15 Laura McAtamney May 15, 2019 Meteorology 3 TBD
16 Laura McAtamney May 22, 2019 Meteorology 4 TBD
17 Laura McAtamney May 25, 2019 Meteorology 5 TBD
18 Bill Bulek May 29, 2019 Navigation 1 TBD
19 Bill Bulek June 1, 2019 Navigation 2 TBD
20 Bill Bulek June 5, 2019 Navigation 3 TBD
21 Bill Bulek June 8, 2019 Navigation 4 TBD
22 Bill Bulek June 12, 2019 Radio & Electronic Theory TBD
23 Shaheb Seyedi June 15, 2019 G.P.S-Ground Garmin-430 TBD
24 Shaheb Seyedi June 19, 2019 Crew Resource Management, MEL& Winter Ops TBD
25 Bill Bulek June 22, 2019 Mountain Flying TBD


It is strongly recommended that students make every effort to complete the reading assignments prior to each class. All students are required to write 2 practice exams available at dispatch. Once an average score of at least 80% has been attained, a letter of recommend will be issued in order to challenge the Transport Canada exam. Your feedback aids a great deal in the ongoing development of our ground school. Please complete the ground school critique at the end of each class and submit it at the end of the course. THANK YOU.


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