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July 2013

Membership Renewal


All existing members who are renewing their membership are required to fill out a new registration form and to read the new membership policies and procedures.    

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Ammeter Checks


To perform an ammeter check during your run up, put a load on the electrical system (eg. Turn on all lights, flaps up and down, etc.) rather than shutting off the alternator side of the [...]

Ammeter Checks2014-08-12T00:49:49+00:00

June 2013

Level Propellers


A reminder to everyone operating CFC aircraft, please always leave the propeller level (horizontal) after your flight.  This allows for proper taxi clearance for other aircraft passing in front.  And very important for wood props, [...]

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May 2013

Push Back from Pumps


Students and members returning from a flight in CFC aircraft must assist ramp attendants with refuelling and push-back to tie-down location.

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