First Solo – Raymond Fang

  Raymond Fang went solo in C-GYVJ. Instructor Eileen Chan. Congratulations Raymond!

First Solo – Gorkem Ahci

  Gorkem Ahci went solo in 172 C-GYVJ. Instructor Eileen Chan. Congratulations Gorkem!

First Solo – Alex Chen

  Alex Chen went solo in 172 C-GPGT. Instructor Wes Thauvette. Congratulations Alex!

First Solo – Jeffrey Metzger

  Jeffrey Metzger went solo in 172 C-GLLV. Instructor Eileen Chan. Congratulations Jeffrey!

First Solo – Benjamin Pearce

Benjamin Pearce went solo in 172 C-GQPB. Instructor Colin Van Es. Congratulations Benjamin!

First Solo – Paul Rankin

Paul Rankin went solo in CGYVJ. Instructor Bryan Backman-Beharry. Congratulations Paul!

First Solo – James Bureau

James Bureau went solo in YDE. Instructor David Chow. Congratulations James!

First Solo – Gurkirat Tumber

Gurkirat Tumber went solo in FMTF. Instructor Bryan Backman-Beharry. Congratulations Gurkirat!

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